David Fonti

Dip CHT, Dip Counselling, Cert IV NLP, Cert APS Practitioner,
Cert IV Work Place, Training & Assessment

Since graduating from the Australian College of Hypnotherapy in 2003, David has treated many clients with a range of therapeutic techniques including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Kinesiological Testing, Accelerated Pattern Shift, NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Beyond assisting people who wish to address personal issues, David is passionate about helping people of all ages to realise their hidden potential. As a consequence, David has dedicated his professional life to assisting clients achieve more positive outcomes in their lives.

More recently, David has been rewarded with a Diploma of Counselling. As a result David has been instrumental in the development and delivery of corporate training seminars and leadership programs for young people and adults. Highly regarded for his caring and patient nature, David’s natural leadership qualities enable him to guide his clients through their treatments in a way that brings out the best in each individual.

David’s aim is to deliver positive outcomes for all his clients and he is particularly interested in issues relating to children, adolescents and their families. David has also achieved excellent results treating women and men for a range of personal, social and professional issues.

“I would recommend David to anyone who is serious about putting their house in order. Thankfully David saw through my nonsense and my evasion tactics and helped me to help myself. I can genuinely say he showed me how to change my life for the better.” Michael – North Rocks.