Which treatment is best for me?

If you’re unsure as to which modality suits you best, or are possibly unclear as to exactly what your problem might be, we’re able to discuss your thoughts and concerns in a caring and supportive environment. Once discussed, we are then able to agree on how to move forward in a way that best achieves your goals.


If you lack motivation or direction, or have an important decision to make, or just feel it would be helpful to have someone help guide you through a difficult time, then mentoring can really help.

Sometimes in life we just need someone to talk to, someone to help ‘steady the ship’ and help us to get back on track. No matter who we are, effective mentoring helps develop new life skills and strategies that enable us to become the people we can and want to be.


Counselling is helpful for people who wish to address specific issues. Usually undertaken over a shorter term, counselling is primarily goal orientated in that it address a range of problems with the aim of finding specific solutions. Counselling is most suitable for people who wish to confront current issues to achieve fast and effective results.


Psychotherapy is a longer term form of treatment for people who wish to make deep and lasting change in their lives. By developing higher levels of self-awareness, we can help you to better understand the reasons, the causes and the effects of your issues. All psychotherapy techniques, if used correctly, are gentle, non-confronting and allows you to work to the degree you feel comfortable.

“Throughout my life I consistently failed to perform at my best during exams. When a friend told me I could improve my exam results by clearing negative beliefs…… I was interested to find out more. It wasn’t long before I found out why. It came as a shock to me I when I realised, buried deep inside my unconscious, I didn’t believe I was worthy of success. Clearing this block to success came as a huge relief. I’m very happy to say I exceeded my HSC exam results.” Lewis – Artarmon.

APS™ – Accelerated Pattern Shift

APS uses muscle testing (kinesiology) to identify negative beliefs. Once used, the technique is favoured by practitioners and clients alike because of its uncomplicated and gentle approach to dealing with past and current issues. If your aim is to make everlasting changes for the better, or you have come to a point where you realise something has to be done, then APS regularly achieves outstanding results.


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a specific therapeutic technique that allows you to identify and change destructive or dysfunctional thought patterns. These – sometimes unconscious – thought patterns influence our behaviour that result in negative life outcomes. The goal of CBT is to assist patients to achieve greater levels of understanding as they develop new skills and resources to deal effectively with a wide variety of maladaptive behaviours.


The purpose of Hypnotherapy is to by-passes obstacles created by the conscious mind that stops us from achieving effective change to our behaviours. By communicating directly with the unconscious mind, the clinician is able to facilitate change through the use of anchors, trance state and other Clinical Hypnotherapy techniques.

The clinic is open Monday to Thursday by appointment. I consult in Pennant Hills and our sessions are usually 1hr in duration. Home visits are available at an additional fee.

We believe in supporting the community so if there are extenuating circumstances that may make you eligible for subsidised fees, then please feel free to discuss your circumstance.

“On the surface I appeared to be a successful and happily married thirty-eight year old professional. Underneath the shell I was a mess. After having children, unresolved events from my own childhood started to surface. David is an skilful and intuitive practitioner who helped me to come to terms with past events and formulate strategies to move forward into the future. I’ve recommended a friend to David who was also very happy with the results.” Caitlin – Neutral Bay.